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Pleio zoekt teamleden!

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samen samenzijn

samen samenzijn

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A vision for good money

    Harrie Custers
    • iedereen (publiek zichtbaar)
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    Door Harrie Custers in de groep Buggenum 1650 dagen geleden

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    The Vision Alignment Project

    A Vision for Good Money 


    We see a world where we, the people, have evolved to the point where no one is deliberately taking advantage of another; where there is honor, accountability, clarity, and integrity demonstrated by those who maintain our systems of exchange; and where usury, interest, inflation, double-talk, and mismanagement have gone by the wayside because our society, and everyone in it, has seen through the schemes and scams of those who would make money off of money itself.

    We see fair and equitable standards in place whereby anyone, be they individuals, institutions or communities, are free to set up their own systems of monetary exchange without repercussion from tyrants; and, within those systems of exchange, people are happy and thriving because no one is subtly stealing their energy, energy they may have worked very hard to accumulate.

    We envision a world where the storage of money in banks is completely unnecessary, since all peoples are honest and doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

    And ultimately. we see us as a world full of happy people who are so empowered that we are manifesting whatever we need in the moment directly from the Source of All That Is. In a world such as this there is no need for money, since love and trust have taken its place.


    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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