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Rapunzel's Dress Has Two Layers, With A Laced Bodice.

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    In the fairytale of the same name, Rapunzel is locked away in a high tower by an evil witch and is rescued by a handsome prince who climbs up her long braids to reach her. The 2010 Disney movie, "Tangled", is a modern re-telling of the tale, featuring Rapunzel dressed as a fairytale princess. The official Disneyland Rapunzel wears a costume based on the movie, which is a layered light purple dress, with a tight-fitting bodice that is laced at the front.

    Things You'll Need
    Dress pattern
    Purple satin fabric
    Purple patterned fabric
    Purple satin dress (optional)
    Ribbon Show More Instructions


    Source a suitable dress pattern that you can adapt to make a princess dress. A simple, long dress with puffed or fitted sleeves can be adapted to make a Rapunzel dress.

    Cut out and sew the dress according to the pattern instructions. Use light purple or lilac satin for your dress. If you are making a dress with two layers, use a darker color or patterned fabric for the bottom layer. Alternatively, sew a panel of patterned fabric to the front of the bodice and skirt to look like an under layer.


    For a dress with two Ball Of Foot Pain treatment layers, add ribbon loops down each side of the front bodice opening and thread laces through in a criss-cross pattern. If you have a sewn-on panel on the front of the bodice, sew ribbons on in a criss-cross pattern to look like laces.

    Add lace trim to the neckline and waistline and at the edge of the cuffs if the dress has long sleeves.

    As an alternative to making a dress from scratch, consider adapting a ready-made dress. Try to source a dress in a purple or lilac color. Sew panels of patterned fabric to the front of the bodice and skirt, or glue them in position with fabric glue. Add lace trim to the neckline and waistline, and at the edges of the cuffs. Sew or glue ribbon in a criss-cross pattern to the front of the bodice to look like it is laced. Tips & Warnings

    Buy a suitable wig or make one from yarn, braiding it to make one long braid. References Resources
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