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Ovarian Pain When Sitting

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    It is very unfortunate that the pain in the lower back and pain in the pelvis is very usual. But to determine the reason for the pain is not every time an easy solution. The lower back and the pelvic pain may be caused due to the changes in hormone every month or may be because of the pregnancy. The changes in the hormone will loose the ligaments and the joints in making the fetus growth. Even if a woman is having the simple menstrual cycle and is not pregnant, the ligaments and the joints will get loosen somewhat. This pain is bifurcated into 2 main categories. They are lumbar pain and posterior pelvic pain.

    Lumber pain can be seen above and in the region of the woman's spine. The pain will get radiated above and below the waist of the woman. This pain is also known for radiation down the leg of woman even below her knee to the foot and the toes. This pain can be felt after standing or sitting for a quite long time and while lifting the items. The pain level will get increased by the day end.

    Posterior pelvic pain can be seen below the lumbar place. It can felt in the inner side of the buttocks, on the back side of the thigh and also on both the sides of the pelvic regions. This pain can be felt when she is walking, stepping in or stepping out of the bath tub, climbing the stairs, lying down or getting up from the bed, sitting or rising in a chair with low back or doing some lifting work.

    Foot Pain treatment The treatment or the prevention of both the posterior pelvic pain and the lower back pain are similar. The muscles preventing the spine can become weak by the sitting structure, weight gain, standing in a slouched manner and pregnancy. A good exercise will strengthen the vital muscles in the back and the abdomen will maintain the hips and the spine in its position. The vital muscles that are strengthened will also support for correct posture of sitting or standing.

    It is always better to check with the doctor whenever there is any feeling of pelvic or the back pain to analyze the correct root of the pain.

    In today's technological world, many of the persons spend many hours, very frequently for 8 hours per day sitting before the computer and working. Sitting in the similar situation and in particular when the person is not aware that his seating posture is not perfect, unwarranted strain will develop on the low back muscles creating discomfort. This discomfort may be there for a long duration and can also be painful. This suffering is experienced by many of the people and this pain is also related to the work. It is a general complaint also with the men above the age of 20 years and also many of the women also suffer from the back pain.

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