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While much of Dubai's fundamentals remains as it is, including trade and commerce and the recreation and hospitality sector consisting of the much famed leisure outlets and Dubai hotels, there has been a noticeable drop in the valuation of the freehold properties and the rentals across the region, virtual reality glasses hence giving the accommodation seekers an obvious edge over the real estate dealers. One gets the idea of the planning and resources gone into developing Dubai's coastline once having personally visited them. A sustained focus on the development of beach tourism has given birth to a world class hospitality coming up along Dubai's seashores in roughly the last two decades or so. But, neither Abu Dhabi nor Dubai could think of bracing through these testing periods without calling the other to join in, as this story seems to suggest. They used to sail a lot for their livelihood during the antiquity and later. A modern sea water aquarium now takes you back to the same love they have had for the oceanic life, as this article seems to suggest. This was where many of the modern ethos first came into existence from the pre historic to medieval era. The place is not only rich in archeological heritage, but also in the continuation of many Greek traditions. Grecian weddings are among those rich cultural traits. This article is an attempt to produce a log file for Greece wedding ceremonies that one should keep in mind. There is much of the other help available in this regard, apart from this article, including the online one. Despite the recent slowdown in the US economy, a skyrocketing petroleum cost and a dampening outlook across most of the world commerce, Dubai's growth continues to baffle most media experts and industry watchers. What makes this story even creamier is the handsome dividends Dubai's real estate has been able to offer to its investors over the last few years. Read, which one are the factors that might be leading to such property boom there. This article tries to find out what makes the Greek island of Crete so special in the eyes of world, and what significance does it enjoy historically and from the tourism point of view. This article speaks about the new challenges being faced by the Greek island of Crete.

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