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Leren over "gedeelde ruimte" in een "gedeelde digitale ruimte"...

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An Essay on "Shared Space" by Martin van Zanten

Laatst bijgewerkt op 337 dagen geleden door Martin van Zanten

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You are at the start of reading a work in progress: my current thoughts on the concept of "Shared Space".

This essay will develop as my understanding evolves:

  • I would like to learn how others use the term.
  • I will bring in my own notions.
  • I'll work toward my description /  definition of “Shared Space".
  • I'll start using the term with that definition in mind.

My mind is still almost an "Empty Space" when it comes to "Shared Space"... so here we go!


Why write in English in a "Shared Digital Space" where Dutch is the main language?


To show off my English. Of course...

No, seriously: I think language is very important! Although one can convey similar thoughts in different languages, much may be lost in translation... Get the point?

Rob Brink introduced me to the concept of "shared space" in the summer of 2017 (a few months ago at the time of writing). My first impression: here's a general concept in the English language, being transported into another language; it is then used in a specific,  and limited sense.

So Rob and I made a deal: we're going to explore this concept of "Shared Space" together! We'll be starting from different points of departure, and looking at it from a different perspective.

You are invited to join us!


The start of my journey


I'm at square one: I will now start looking into "Shared Space" for the first time.

To begin with I'll  develop a broad helicopter view, after which I'll start to land, and zoom in on the details. To me this is essential: my first leg of this journey will be in the original language. I hope you can follow my sinking!

Next: on Shared Space 


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