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on Shared Space

Laatst bijgewerkt op 343 dagen geleden door Martin van Zanten

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I've just read the WikipediA article on shared space: it was first used in the Netherlands, to describe an urban design approach. This is called an anglicism: a term borrowed from the English language into another language.

After that it made a round trip back into the English language. Judging from the WikipediA article, the concept seems well established across the globe.

Searching for the term "shared space" at Google returns almost four million pages.

What should I add to this big pile of information? It may have been said before, and I might just add some confusion! I'll share my first thoughts with you anyway:

The term "space" is described in the WikipediA as "boundless three-dimensional extent", and "... is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the physical universe."

Using the term "shared space" within urban design creates confusion in my mind. My gut feeling is that the whole universe is shared space. So I propose to start using some more adjectives, maybe for example: "minimalistic shared traffic space" or "mst-space" for short.

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