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Pleio aims to support cooperation for public benefit.  Public officials and private citizens alike can make use of Pleio. 

The Pleio platform is maintained through the collaborative efforts of government organizations and users.  All those involved do their utmost to ensure the maintenance and further development of Pleio, in accordance with the Pleio manifesto.

Pleio is by and for users.  Everyone can contribute to improving the platform, for example by asking or responding to questions using the Pleio Helpdesk.

By using Pleio, you are agreeing to comply with following terms and conditions:


  • Use Pleio for public benefit.  Do not misuse the platform by using it for other purposes, such as advertising and other commercial ends.
  • Use your real name; impersonation of others is prohibited. 
  • Ensure, and be aware, that you are visible and can be traced. 
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Take responsibility for the degree of openness you opt for.  Pleio strives for full openness and transparency, but this is not always possible. 
  • Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of another.  Pleio respects intellectual property rights and demands the same of users. 
  • Do not post anything on Pleio that is in violation of the law or contrary to the aims and principles of Pleio.   The Pleio administrator reserves the right to remove content, block access, terminate accounts, and in the case of illegal activity, to notify the proper authorities. 
  • You remain solely responsible for the information you post on Pleio. 
  • Please report any unlawful conduct or conduct in conflict with the aim of Pleio to the site or subsite administrator.  Please use the "This is not OK" link for this purpose.  
  • Owners of a Pleio group or subsite must immediately remove any information deemed unlawful. 
  • Help keep Pleio uncluttered and up to date.  Remove obsolete documents and other information on a regular basis, and deactivate your account if you no longer wish to make use of Pleio. 
  • The Pleio Foundation is not in any way responsible for damage attributed to use of Pleio. 
  • Pleio will announce ahead of time any changes in the functionality or design of the Pleio platform, to subsite owners and on Twitter(@pleinoverheid).
  • Pleio will announce any proposed changes to these Terms and Conditions through several channels, including Twitter(@pleinoverheid).  Definitive changes will be communicated to all users.
  • Join the Pleio work group to share your ideas on changes to Pleio or to help develop Pleio further.